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A Social Network For The Psychedelic Movement

Welcome to Psychedelio, an online community of people who share the path of self growth and healing through the use of sacred plants and other psychedelics. It is our aim to provide a free platform for people to share experiences and grow, fostering an atmosphere of discipline, self-responsibility and care for others.


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Times are changing and technogy is moving forward. Psychedelio is here to offer the psychedelics comunity functionality of a social network such as facebook. Psychedelio has walls, photo galleries, video galeries, profiles, groups, Q&A system, live chat and more. Join us today!

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Keeping a diary of your self-improvement and realizations is a great way to grow and process psychedelic experiences. At Psychedelio users can record and share their experiences with the community in the form of experiential diaries. The body of knowlege derived from this reports would always be available online to be used by researchers and people in the path of self-growth.


future of psychedelics

Psychedelic users and researchers have been rising their voices asking for their rights to explore the human psyche individually and collectively. As a result of that, ground-breaking research has been proving the power of psychedelics to heal a wide variety of mental and physical illnesses. Psychedelio is a social network created to improve communication between people interested in forwarding the agenda of cognitive freedom.

                 Some Organizations Doing Groundbraking Work Advancing Cognitive Freedom 

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